Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Moving on to business

After a few hours of hunting templates I've finally settled on one that should be easy on the eyes. Just a matter of preference. This is not the final choice but until I learn the WordPress system it will have to do.

I have about 20 articles waiting to be written, all the pictures are already taken, but I don't know where to start:
- custom dual power supply with Stellaris (Tiva) Launchpad diagnostics
- marathon repair of 30+ out-of-factory items
- custom firmware for coffee machine
- lessons learned from reviving SLA, NiCd and LiPo batteries
- various laptop repairs
- workbench build log
- automating a native game on Android
- sending Android navigation instructions to a Bluetooth device
- reverse engineering Java and Android apps (one at a time)

On top of that there are a lot of smaller articles in the loop, basically tips, mostly useful for beginners (diskless/thin clients, workbench organization, protocol debugging, Android development, teardowns etc.).

I'll try to cover all the ground above in a systematic manner, meaning that longer articles will need to be split and mixed with others.

1 comment:

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